4 June 2014

Our exploration of Yakushima had been intense and exciting, pushing us to the limits and rewarding us with natural beauty and exploration of the wild. One of the few things we did not expect to see were cows, especially not as we were getting on to the ferry to go back to Kagoshima.

Miyanoura Port, Yakushima

Waking to the sound of waves crashing against the shore on Inakahama Beach was amazing, as was the realization that we didn’t have to hike¬†anywhere today! We were off to Miyanoura Port for the final time as we were catching the ferry back to Kagoshima. First though, we had to pack away all of our barely dried clothes and the dripping wet Nube as it had rained continually all night. The Nube kept us very dry and warm as it did not leak at all, which was very encouraging as news reports showed southern Japan being very wet and rainy for the foreseeable future, while northern Japan was being blasted by a heat wave. With that accomplished, we tried to get on the bus, but found that they only accepted correct change and couldn’t break our 10,000 yen bills fresh from the ATM. Luckily, he let us get off at the port to get change and come back to pay the next driver the 1660 yen we owed for the fare! The ferry ticket counter was able to help out with the exchange for smaller bills as well. (Quick Yakushima tip, bring lots of cash in all denominations!) I felt bad waiting for the bus driver to return, finding out it wasn’t the same driver, then trying to explain the situation and pay for our previous bus ride. Luckily, there was another girl who helped us translate, and then the bus driver let us pay him.¬†During that time, our favorite bus driver also parked by the ferry port, so we went to him and thanked him for making our stay in Yakushima more enjoyable! We presented him with a North Face sticker, and he smiled and said, “You are welcome” in Japanese accented English.

Ferry to Kagoshima

Once we finished paying and thanking our bus drivers, it was finally time to head off to the ferry! Once on the ferry, we got to wash our clothes and use the showers for free! Japanese ferries are very well equipped! Plus, we charged our electronics on the 4 hour ferry ride back to Kagoshima!Kagoshima Ferry

We had planned on eating at that happening restaurant, the Porto Casa, but opted instead for the calming, warm, Family Mart pastas and ice cream, along with an early bed time. Val got a gelato icee that was watermelon flavored, and I got the OJ with ice cream on top that I had gotten before. Dinner, dessert, and bed time made for an amazing finish to the day! We even managed to hang the hammocks perfectly! Val had lots of room and was hanging flatter, and I was we well on my way to figuring out the best distances between trees for hanging the hammocks. Cool air, a filled belly and a good night’s sleep!