Welcome to Deception Pass!

This park is so beautiful, it is breathtaking. The road in from Anacortes winds its way through some gorgeous forest scenery. There are also a couple of lakes, and you can even stop at Mount Erie on the way in if you want a gorgeous view of the pass, Lake Campbell, or even into Canada. Once inside the park at Deception Pass, you can park and walk across the bridge that spans both sides of the pass. You can see Deception Pass from viewing areas on either side of the bridge. You can even walk under the bridge itself on the island in the middle of the pass! And, to top it off, you can hike down to beaches that are also on the pass for a close up view of the water. Be sure to have a look when the tide is coming in or going out as the current is fierce and you can see the power of the ocean tides. From many points in the state park, and from the bridge, some of the San Juan Islands can also be seen. On certain days, you can see jets from the naval air station circling overhead as well.

Come in the evening for beautiful Deception Pass sunset views from any vantage point! Once the sun sets, drive into Oak Harbor for a lovely dinner. After dinner, you can drive back to Seattle, camp in the park, stay in one of the large number of B&B locations on the island, or even take a ferry back to the city from Clinton.  I love the Whidbey Island area and Deception Pass is certainly one of the main attractions. If you are planning to visit Deception Pass, consider doing so in April and see the Skagit County Tulip Festival at the same time!

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