26 May 2014

Sadly, the Ako Seaside Campground closes on Wednesday, so we had to vacate our little plot of heaven. We had yet to visit Osaka, although we had a couple of attractions we wanted to visit; such as the Tempozan Ferris Wheel, Umeda Sky Garden, and the Cup on Noodle Museum.


Banshu-ako spider
Banshu-ako spider

I awoke at 5:30 and on my return from the ladies room it started to rain, I soon handed Ashlynn her pack – climbed into my hammock and then sucked my large pack in with me, as my neighbor camper watched intently…wondering where is…….all that going?

At 6:30 we got up and had breakfast pound cake 🙂 and some type of cream puff…delightful!

As we packed up in the camp shelter we noticed our little friend shown on the right. This spider with legs extended was about the size of my hand, granite, I do have small hands, but that’s a BIG spider.

We are now showered and will be heading off to Osaka, or so we think!


I was under the impression that a “floating garden” meant that there was going to be actual plants. Well, we had already paid the 700 yen each to go to the sky observatory at the top of the Umeda Sky Building, so we took our time with panoramic photographs and a video of us walking all the way around the building. After that we didn’t really feel that a ride in the Tempozan Ferris Wheel was required. Sadly the Instant Ramen Museum was closed today and tomorrow, so there was no reason to stay in Osaka any longer. Back to Osaka station we went to catch a train to Shin-Osaka and then the Shinkansen to Hiroshima.


HiroshimaBy the time we arrived in Hiroshima it was getting dark so we asked information if there was a cheap ryokan nearby. They informed us that for 2200 yen ($22) per person we could stay at Lappy Guest House and so we did.