22 May 2014

Trekking through and around Kyoto was a nice change from our normal daily sprints through a particular city. We had a couple more attractions we wanted to see before moving on. On the top of the list was Kiyomizudera Temple which provides a great view of the city, Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine of Torii’s, and a bamboo grove.

“Take the plunge” Temple

Woke to the serenade of our neighboring Urban campers. Walked from Maruyama Park through to Chuorakuji Temple, by Kodaiji Temple. rested by Ryozan Kannon to Kiyomizudera Temple (our main object after the Geisha Dance. There were a lot of kids (school students) asking for signatures for the homework. Plus they were required to practice their English. Kiyomizudera is high up on the hill where you can look back on Kyoto. After hiking down the hill, Val decided that she really wanted her healthy legs charm and since I was the one that talked her out of it, I hiked all the way back up to purchase it for her.

Shrine of Torii’s

Then we were off to Tofukuji Station and headed to Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine (the shrine that has all the Torii’s lined up the hill). It was awesome, but I’m getting really tired as I didn’t sleep all that well last night, got really cold during the night.

Bamboo Grove

We then got back on the train and headed for the Bamboo grove in the Arushuyama/Sagono area. We found the grove but it was slightly crowded and we just wanted to find a good spot to sleep. Found a good spot at Kameyama Park (35°00’54.2″N 135°40’15.8″E); it even had a Handicap bathroom with a sink.

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