9 June 2014

Getting off the bus in the middle of the night, we arrived at Shirarahama beach in Shirahama (yes, the only difference between the two is the extra “ra” for the beach). We had thought the bus driver had messed up where we had asked to get off, as we didn’t smell the ocean or see any signs of it. As we started walking we noticed that the sidewalk was covered in sand, then peering between palm trees and shipping containers we saw the lapping of the waves and heard the ocean. Happy with this little revelation, we hung up our home and fell asleep content that we would be swimming in the Pacific Ocean in Japan the next morning.

Shirahama’s access to the Pacific Ocean

Today, we awoke to a very beautiful beach that was all white sand, no seaweed (they rake it all up, scoop it into a backhoe and poof, no more seaweed), and turquoise blue water. We awoke around 8:30 am, and were ready for a restful day. Walking a short distance to a family mart for breakfast, we noticed an onsen right next door! Looking the area over and decided we could leave all of our belongings and Nube hanging right where it was! We felt so lucky and free because we didn’t have to worry or re-hang before nightfall.

I walked with Ash down to the water and she got in….the turquoise water was beautiful and was warm once you got in. As I watched her do handstands, somersaults and such, some 4-6″ fish swam between her and I. This beach is so beautiful!

Organizing and Cleaning up at Shirarahama

Man did we need this break! With all the walking and lack of hydration, the bottles were very icky and we were exhausted. Happily, we had the supplies to actually clean the bottles and had some downtime to adjust the Nube to make it easier to hang, and had the fresh Pacific Ocean air. This was very nice and relaxing for us.

As we set out to dry, we took a little walk to a cement pier that went out into the Pacific Ocean and ate Haggen Daz ice cream. Finishing the ice cream, we took some picture perfect photos with the turquoise water and clear sky behind us. Then, I noticed I was getting burnt, so back to the shade we went!

With water bottles cleaned, Nube fixed, and clean clothes on the line, we headed for the onsen to clean ourselves! Sitting and scrubbing with a new silk wash rag Ash had purchased, boy did it feel good to scrub and wash our hair. Ash and I headed for the onsen tub and we came to an abrupt stop…it was too hot! Ash listened to a lady saying it was cooler in one corner. She tried coaxing me to join her, but with burnt feet it just wasn’t going to happen. So, she rinsed off and we made our way back to the Nube all squeaky clean and ready for bed.