Quick visit to Rome and Rome travel tips!

Rome Travel Tips
Route Taken Through Rome

Even though I spent less than 48 hours in Rome, I felt like I managed to see at least some of the highlights of the city. What’s more, I found the people of Rome to be friendly and charming, the sights to be incredible, and the food to be very, very good. I highly recommend setting up nearย the center of the city and just walking everywhere as driving the streets will cause you to miss so much of the culture of the city. I could easily have spent a month in Rome, just absorbing the culture and being a part of this magnificent city. I will definitely return for a much longer stay in Italy, rest assured! If you would like a more detailed view, see the entire experience, Experience Rome in a Day!

Here’s a quick list of the places that I did see while I was there:

Hotel Napoleon: Great Hotel near the center of Rome

Papal Cathedrals: There are so many cathedrals in Rome, you can’t possibly see them all.

Spanish Steps: These are “recent” architecture, and the architecture is beautiful!

Piazze del Popolo: The original northern gate into Rome.

Palace of Justice: Italian Supreme Court.

Castel Sant’ Angelo: Catholic fortress and castle, once intended to be the mausoleum of Hadrian, Emperor of Rome.

St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican: The iconic square in front of the Vatican! Gorgeous!

Piazza Navona and Fountain of the Four Rivers: Great architecture in the fountain, originally one of the sites of the Stadium of Domitian.

The Pantheon: Greek for “Every God”, a temple dedicated to the Roman gods.

Trevi Fountain: Baroque style fountain built at the junction of three roads. Fantastic architecture and very beautiful.

Altare della Patria: Altar of the Fatherland. Monument to honor the first king of unified Italy, finished in 1925. As you can see, great architecture isn’t limited to works a thousand years old!

Colosseum: The grand arena of the Roman Emperors and people! Also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, this magnificent structure is best known as the site of the gladiatorial games in ancient Rome.


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    Thank you a lot for your permission and interest in my research!
    I hope your future city experiences will fall within the time schedule of my master thesis, it would be great to refer to ‘fresh’ impressions and experiences ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Also, I will for sure check back here!

    Again, thanks a lot!
    Happy and safe travels!

  2. Hi Josh,
    great post!
    I am currently doing my masters degree, researching how travellers experience urban environments. If you agree, I would like to use this post about Rome for it.
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    1. Hi Stefan,

      You are welcome to use the post in your thesis. Feel free to refer to me as Josh and link to the blog if you’d like. Ashlynn and I are going to be traveling to quite a few cities in Europe next month, and seeing them all in just a few days each. If you check back in June, I’m sure you will see a lot of our experiences that might provide more information for your thesis. Also, definitely contact me/us for your later stage research. Happy to help with interviews!


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