Oh, Canada, Oh Canada!!! How beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada is.

Testing out our passports. For my 18th birthday we traveled to this amazing city.

Best place that we have traveled to out of the country thus far. We have recently been to Vancouver and we both thought it was the ugly step child compared to this amazing city right across the strait.

Must do and see places:

  • Noodle Box: amazing¬†food! They had a great close knit atmosphere where there are only a couple of tables, local art on the walls, and wonderful service. We ate at the Douglas location.
  • Tour of the capitol building: We liking getting some basic history and knowledge about our northern neighbor and also getting to see some architecture. Plus it’s free.
  • Butchard Gardens: If you can make it during an evening that has fireworks I would absolutely recommend this place, even if you can’t get the fireworks. Everyone was very friendly. It’s handicap accessible. You can even stay into the evening and view the gardens lite up by lanterns.
  • Tree top excursion: At wild play that is north of Victoria, by Nanaimo, you can bungee jump, zip line, do a tree top excursion and more. We did the tree top excursion and the zip line. Out of everything we did in Canada during our three day tip, this was the highlight. If you have a mode of transportation and low a thrill, this is your place.
As far as places to stay the night, we spent the night in the back of my vehicle at Sooke River Campground. This campground was a little out of the way, but as we weren’t planning on spending all of our time in Victoria we took my vehicle to drive to the different attractions, since I live in the Greater Seattle area. We really liked the campground. It was clean, even the bathrooms, quiet after 9, and very peaceful. There were a lot of other tourists there from all around along with some locals that wanted to get out into some forests, even if they are near a town. Located near the campground was a gas station and a small convenience store.