About Us

Ashlynn – Founder   Instagram

DSC07502Growing up, I had always dreamed of the different places around the world I had yet to see. I was blessed with parents that loved to seek new adventures and had the good fortune to go hiking, motor-biking, camping, skiing in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah, and traveling to California, Arizona, and Arkansas for family. More recently I loaded up all my belongings and moved to Washington for college where I also traveled to bits and pieces of Oregon.

I always wanted more. More travel. More adventures. More exciting places. I helped build a house in Tijuana, Mexico in my teens and although the visit wasn’t touristy, it fed my desire to learn more about people, cultures, and areas. I visited Maryland for a military camp and Central Texas for a math camp. It wasn’t until the summer before my last year in college that I really had a chance/funding to go further afield—Japan!

I continue to love travel and hope that through my explorations I will be able to share what I learn and inspire others to do the same.


Val – Partner Adventurer

IMG_1706I began my career working for Patagonia, an outdoor clothing company that provided me the opportunity to travel to factories in China, Taiwan, and visit Hong Kong. I enjoyed the adventure.

Raising my children (Ashlynn is my second child) I tried to provide experiences beyond our own town.

When she approached me with the “crazy” idea of traveling Japan, I leaped at the idea. We have continually agreed to go on more of these amazing and ridiculous travels.

I’m especially looking forward to travelling China to celebrate my birthday and 25 years since the last visit this September (2016). Hopefully you will all enjoy the tales we come back with.



Josh – Partner Adventurer

IMG_0303[1]I started my traveling career before I can even remember…literally. My first airplane ride was at age 3ish, when we were visiting my grandparents in Baltimore, MD. I remember sliding down stairs on a pillow, a stream with little fish, and playing cars with my Grandma, and also a road trip to Niagara Falls, and that’s about all I remember. But, I’m sure that’s where I got the bug to travel. Practically every year growing up, there was a family vacation to somewhere new and interesting. Ohio to visit relatives, the Smoky Mountains to see Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Florida for Disney World, the southeastern coastline from Baltimore to Savannah, South Dakota for Mt. Rushmore, fishing in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, and visits to every random place between Iowa and the Florida Keys.

At age 10, I took my first international trip with my Grandfather to England, where we saw all of London, and parts of northern England. Since then, I’ve been back to Europe to spend time in Italy, Germany, England, Wales and Iceland.

It’s easier to list the states I have not yet traveled in as well. North Dakota, Maine, New Mexico, and Alaska are the only states I have not yet set foot in. I don’t really count Arizona either since I’ve only been to the Phoenix airport. And yet, even after seeing so many different parts of the country, I want to see more.